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Monday 23 June 2014

Fatal : The remote end hung up unexpectedly

Have you ever got the exception "Fatal : The remote end hung up unexpectedly". In this post we will tell you why you got this error and how to fix it.

ERROR: Repository not found. 

This error actually means that the repository doesn't exist in the Github. First you need to create the repository on github. It cannot find the repository as per the error message because there is no repository exist. Or sometimes it happen that you have updated the name of your repository on github but in your local system you still refer to the old repository name.

Suppose you are certain that the repository exist and still you are getting this error that means you don't have enough permissions to do anything with this repository.

ERROR: Permission denied(publickey).

This error means that the server rejected your connection. At first check that you are connecting to the corrrect server (i.e. check spellings). Now, try to connect with "git" user i.e. git@github.com instead of something like "name@github.com". Now, if you haven't generated the ssh keys, you have to generate the ssh keys. Now at last verify that the public key is attached to your GitHub account because github needs to have your public key to establish connection.

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