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Thursday 19 June 2014

Coding Defined : First Blog

What is actually Coding? It simply means that the data is transformed into a form which is understandable by computer software. Now as per software engineering coding is a phase in software development process where the functional requirements gathered is written in computer language to build the product. Now here the data is functional requirements which we got from the client/customer.

It can also be termed as programming. It involves understanding the requirements and then solving or manufacturing product as per that understanding. If I have to write a definition of program I would say its an art/craft which software engineer do to completely transform a written requirement into a working product. Yes, I would say that becasue writing good quality code is one form of art which requires a lot of practice and to make it work or acceptable requires lot of patience.

Requirements of Good Quality Code

As everyone knows that the endpoint of coding is to develop a working product, now to reach in that state we have to satisfy some properties like :-

  • Result of the program written should be correct. Now you may say who wants to write a program which gives incorrect result. Absolutely Correct, no one write programs which gives incorrect result but programmers are human they do mistakes and what I actually meant is to minimize these mistakes. These mistakes are like errors (Compilation Errors, Logic Errors or Run Time Errors). The one who has just started to code do lots of mistakes whereas expereinced coders do little less.
  • The next quality requirements is its Usability. Has anyone ever told you that your Code cannot be usable as it has lots of errors or its very slow or its taking lots of memory bla bla bla. Whatever the case maybe, you should always try to write progroms which can be used anywhere in the project because of its cohesiveness and completeness.
  • It should be maintainable, the person who is maintaining the codebase should clearly understand what you have written. Suppose you have been asked to manage a football team, but the problem is you cant understand the language of the support staff and players. So can you able to manage that team. The answer is a BIG NO, same goes with the code also.
  • Last but not the least, its efficiency or so called performance. No matter what, your program shouldn't eat up all the resources available.

At last debug your code as much as you can, its very important task in the software development process because debugging allows you to find defects, and all programmers want their code to be free of defects. Dont you feel happy when testing team says that they dont able to find a single defect in the module which you have developed. I feel like the happiest person on earth when I see my module up and running without any error.

I just wanted to tell by this blog is what Coding meant to me and what are the basic requirements of good working code. If you have any suggestions of improvement for this blog post you are most welcome. Please do comment whether for an appreciation or criticism, I would love like to hear from you :).

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