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Friday 27 June 2014

LiveLight : Software to automatically pick good parts from Video

Scientists from washington has developed a new algorithm that can automatically pick out the good parts from the long boring video to produce a trailer. The name of the algorithm is LiveLight, developed by scientists from Carneige Mellon University.

The algorithm constantly evalutaes the action in the video and ignore the repetitive or eventless sequence. The benefit of this is by looking into the trailer you will get the insight of the video, that what the video is all about. Lets take an example of a movie, where you want to select the best events, it can easily be done using this algorithm.

This application will automatically take videos from a source and upload trailers to social media. Thus overhead of tedious manual editing on long videos is over. It takes around 1-2 hours to analyze one hour of video can be done on personal computers or laptops.

The insight of this algorithm is that it compiles the whole video into a series of dictionary i.e. content dictionary. And then using this dictionary it decides that the events occuring in some point of time occured in any other point, based on that it gets you only that content which is relevent or eventful.

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