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Wednesday 25 June 2014


Differences between Soap (Simple Object Access Protocol) and Rest(Representational State Transfer) are as follows...

1. Soap uses HTTP, SMTP, JMS transport protocol whereas Rest only uses HTTP. Multiple transport protocol makes SOAP web services flexible than Rest.

2. Soap is Object Oriented whereas Rest is Resource Oriented.

3. Soap uses SSL, WS-Security whereas Rest only uses SSL for the security.

4. No operations can be cached in Soap, but in Rest you can cache Get Operations.

5. Soap uses XML for message communication protocol whereas Rest uses XML, JSON for the same.

6. Soap support both text and binary encoding but Rest supports only text encoding.

So, you must be wondering when to choose what...

If you need more security in your application then SOAP is the best option as it gives high level of reliability and security in an application. If you have limited bandwidth then Rest is better option as it is light weight process.If you need stateless operations and also wanted to cache some information, then Rest is suitable.

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