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Friday 11 July 2014

CodeLens : Visual Studio 2013 Feature

In this post we will talk about CodeLens i.e. Code Information Indicators, which is a new feature in Visual Studio 2013, for now only available in Ultimate Edition.

CodeLens is a feature in Visual Studio 2013 which provides us with a lot of information through the code editor. CodeLens provides information about your code, people worked on code, communication between developers etc.

At first Enable CodeLens, you can enable it in Options dialog.

Using CodeLens you can see three basic things (Refrences, Unit Tested, Latest Code).

Refrences : CodeLens will show you the impact of your changes, if you are changing any code. For example, if you are changing the name of any function, CodeLens will show you all the refrences of that function which will be impacted. You can even see a graphical representation of dependencies when you click on "Show on Code Map".

Unit Tested : With any method you always want to know what tests are associated with it, and whether its tested or not. If a unit test is associated with a function you are changing, it will show you that, the test passed or not. You can explicitly run all the tests associated with your function.

Latest Code : CodeLens will show you whether your code is latest or not. It will show you the Authors and changes made by them. You have two option :

  1. Show Authors - Show the name of the last persom to make a change plus a count of any other unique individuals who have worked with the same code. 
  2. Show Changes - It will show the total number of changes in the code's history.

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