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Monday 21 July 2014

Git push error: Origin does not appear to be a git repository

In this post we will show you how to fix "origin does not appear to be a git repository". You are getting this error because your config file does not include any references to "origin" remote.

At first check that you are pointing to the correct repository. If yes, then you have to set up that repository as remote in your working copy. It can be done as -
$ git remote add your_git_url.git

Note that if you have different directory for different branches, you have to add the remote (here origin) to every directory.

Now, if you want to update the origin url and while adding you are getting an error as "fatal : remote origin already exists", then you have two solution :

Solution 1 : Update URL for a remote repository

git remote set-url origin new_repository_url.git

Solution 2 : Remove origin and add again

git remote rm origin
git remote add new_repository_url.git

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