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Monday 14 July 2014

Raddish : New Node.js framework

Raddish is a new Nodejs Framework which incorporates the power of MVC and DCI in a single framework. This framework claims to have "ridiculous speed", that comes with support for threads and sockets.

The features of Raddish :

1. Multi database support : This framework of Node.js supports multiple databases meaning that you can have mongo, couch or mysql in a single project. It also means that you can have multiple connections to different databases in a single project.

2. Component Config : It allows you to add a config to the component so that you don't have to create a complete Javascript object to override a few simple variables.

3. Integrated Socket.IO : You can able to use socket.io to bind your own events in your own components.

4. Integrated threads handler : If by any chance server becomes too busy, the threads handler automatically scale up to use more cores.

The Raddish framework is based on identifiers. The Raddish framework by default serves JSON, thus which makes it usable to wide range of applications (mobile apps, desktop apps, or even websites). You can find more information about Raddish Framework here.

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