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Thursday 24 July 2014

Windows Server : Access Site other than the default port

In this post we will show you how to access site other than the default port (80). Suppose you have created a site in your windows server with a port other than 80 and you are trying to access that from any external machines, you cannot access it until you add a firewall rule against it.

So, the steps to add a firewall rule are as follows :

At first open, "Windows Firewall with Advanced Security". You will see two Rule options

  • Inbound Rules
  • Outbound Rules

On clicking Inbound Rules, you will get an option to add a new rule, check the below snapshot.

On clicking New Rule, New Inbound Rule Wizard will open. In this you can specify what type of rule you would like to create. Here we will select "Port" as we are creating a rule for port.

In the next step you have to specify does this Rule apply for TCP or UDP. If you dont know the difference let it be TCP. Next you have to specify that this rule should apply for all ports or any specific ports.

Next you have to specify what action to follow i.e (to allow the connection, to allow the connection only if it is secure or to block the connection).

Next specify when this rule should apply, should it be applied to public network, private network or only applied when its connected to corporate domain.

At last step specify the Name and description of the rule.

That's it now you will be able to access the port which you have specified in the rule or can access all the ports if you have selected all local ports. Here I have used Windows Server 2012 R2 to show you the Images, all other windows server will have similar ways to create rule.

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