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Friday 26 December 2014

Basic Introduction to AngularJS

In this post we will get to know more about AngularJS. Before starting our introduction with AngularJS we should know "What is Angular.js". AngularJS is an open source JavaScript framework developed and maintained by Google and community of individual developers.

It helps you to create single-page web applications which require only HTML, CSS and JavaScript on the client side. AngularJS is a JavaScript MV* or MVW structured framework for dynamic web applications.

It allows you to apply standard software engineering practices on the client side programming (which you usually do on server-side), thus accelerating frontend development. One more thing to note that you are free to use NodeJS, Java, Python, Ruby, C# etc as your backend, thus there is no such requirements that you have to use only a specific backend for AngularJS.

Before going into the basics of AngularJS we should know what is MVC (Model-View-Controller). The concept behind AngularJS framework is Model-View-Controller means a way to separate logical units and concerns when developing large applications. MVC is divided into three parts and they are :-

Model - In repect to AngularJS Model fetched the data and shows the same in the UI. Thus any UI with data that user sees is derived from the model.

View - View is just an UI that the user sees or interacts with.

Controller - This is just a connection between model and views, thus determine how to present the data to the user.

Now you might be thinking that as there are number of framework available, then Why to use AngularJS? The benefits of using AngularJS are as follows :-

1. You can able to validate forms and input fields before submitting it.

2. You can directly call the code-behind code in your HTML.

3. It is based on MVC pattern thus helps you to organize your web application properly.

4. AngularJS allows you to create HTMLX which is a subset of HTML that fits your needs and requirements.

5. AngularJS is purely written in HTML, so designers will find it easier to work with and style them.

6. AngularJS supports two-way data binding (connects your HTML to your JavaScript), thus making it extremely responsive in terms of data handling.

7. AngularJS allows you to control complete DOM structure, thus it is highly customizable and you can change it according to your needs.

8. AngularJS application requires fewer lines of code to complete the task as compared to other framework. It helps you to write less boilerplate and cleaner code.

9. It is very simple to test AngularJS applications, thus makes the application stable and maintainable.

10. Third-party component libraries can be easily integrated with AngularJS, for example jQueryUI or BootStrap components.

AngularJS is a very good SPA (Single-Page Applications) framework, thus if you want to create a SPA application, then Angular JS is a good option for it.

IDE used for AngularJS development are :

  • Visual Studio 2012 or Visual Studio 2013
  • Submile Text
  • TextMate
  • WebStorm
  • Eclipse

Github OpenSource Link : https://github.com/angular/angular.js

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