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Thursday 13 August 2015

A brief introduction to Docker

In this post we are going to discuss about Docker. Docker is an open platform for distributed applications for developers and system admins. It provides a common platform to the programmers and system admins to take advantage of distributed applications.

PC : https://www.docker.com/

It basically uses containers, which allows developer to package an application with libraries and dependencies and then ship it as one package. This ensures that the application will run on any other machine regardless of any Operating System or customized settings that machine might have.

A bit like Virtual Machine

In a way, Dcoker is a bit like a virtual machine. While they function very similarly, a Docker container is more efficient and portable than VM. VM creates a whole new Virtual Operation System whereas Docker allows application to use same kernel as the system that they are running on. This gives a performance boost in the host computer as it does not have to allocate RAM memory to the Virtal Machine.

Virtual Machine :

Docker :

As from the above images you can figure out that we do not need any Guest Os's, thus it will make more efficient use of RAM and will make good usage of disk. Docker is a tool designed to benefit both the developers and syatem administrators as now developers do not have to worry about on which system their application is running and for system adminitrators it gives flexibity and reduces number of systems overhead.

Importance of using Docker

1. It's lightweight, fast and it offers a layer of security.
2. It can run almots everywhere (desktops, servres, VMs and even in clouds).
3. It can be incorporated into most DevOps applications and is easy to develop.
4. Scaling up and down is very fast and easy.
5. Faster deployment using Docker.

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