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Tuesday 22 September 2015

[Solved] Cannot start the server at Error: listen EACCES

In this post we are going to show how to solve the error "Cannot start the server at Error: listen EACCES". If you have installed node-inspector in windows, and tried to run command node-inspector in Node.js command prompt, you might encounter an error like "Cannot start the server at Error: listen EACCES".

This error will occur if some other server is running on port 8080.

You can check that port is occupied by any other process or not using the command netstat -ano | find "8080". If you run netstat -ano | find "8080" (make sure port number should be within quotes), it will show the process as shown below. In our case some process is running on port 8080 but it is not running on 8099 as shown below.

To change the default port of node-inspector from 8080 to 8099 we will use the below command

node-inspector --web-port=8099

When you run the above command it will show something like below where the default port is been changed (in our case it is changed to 8099). It will ask you to visit

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  1. i try to apply the code : node-inspector --web-port=8099

    appear a message: node-inspector is not a recognize command inter or extern

  2. you need to install node inspector.

    try changing the port in the server.js