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Friday 23 October 2015

Interactive Websites to learn Coding Online

In this post we will be discussing about few of the interactive websites that teach you coding online. Leaning Coding interactively actually means that you are communicating with the websites rather than just learning.

Communicating is always better than just learning because you get hands on practical example rather than just leaning. One more importance of learning online through these sites is that you do not have to setup any additional software's on your system.

1. Code School 

They have a number of courses like HTML, Ruby, iOS, Git and JavaScript. They are not totally free but they have a lot of free courses to start with like Try jQuery, Try Ruby etc. You will get unlimited access to all courses by just spending $29/month. Almost all the courses have impressive design and informative screen-casts where you will get challenges after every screen-cast.

2. Code Academy

Code Academy is for absolute beginners, if you want to start your career in programming start with Code Academy. This site covers HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Python, Ruby and PHP. Code Academy is free and its a great way to start and knowing that coding is your cup of tea or not. They have two panels where one panel explains you the code and instructions whereas other panel is the place where you can start coding and see if you are doing it correctly or not.

3. Code Avengers

It has a very limited collection of courses (html5, css3, javascript, python3), but it gives you the in-depth knowledge of the subject. At the end of the lesson you also get to play a game to release your stress. The interface is clean and clear with coding challenges, step-by-step instructions and practical projects to help you progress with your study. They are not free other tan introduction, you have to buy the levels as you go on or get a lifetime access to all 11 courses at $164.

4. Dash

Like Code Academy, courses are designed to be simple and easy to get started if you are a newbie. They are really interactive right from the beginning. It might not make you a professional but it is right place to kick start. It has step-by-step guidance and instructions to step forward with your learning. It teaches HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

5. SQLZoo

If you want to learn about Structured Query Language(SQL) interactively then start with SQLZOO. They have SQL Engines like MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, PsotgresSQL, Ingres and DB2. They have quizzes after every tutorials to revise what you have learned. One drawback of SQLZoo is that they do not have hints or suggestions, so if you are stuck on any puzzle you need to search for your answers.

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