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Tuesday 8 December 2015

CodeLobster PHP Edition - Free PHP IDE

In this post we will be discussing about CodeLobster PHP Edition. Now a days IDE plays a vital role in deciding the productivity of most web developers and one such market leaders in this segment is CodeLobster.

The best part of using CodeLobster is that you don't have to keep in mind the names of functions, arguments, tags or their attributes - they have implemented all these along with auto-complete features for PHP, HTML, JavaScript and even CSS.

Main program windows is divided into several functional areas. The central one is the area where you do direct code editing. Top panel has frequently used buttons (can be customizable). Collatoral and bottom areas has complimentary and functional character as shown below.

Along with the above features, CodeLobster PHP Edition ensure correctness and accuracy of your work by constantly checking for the error.

A nice feature in the CodeLobster PHP Edition is the support of popular web frameworks and CMS and they are CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Drupal, JQuery, Joomla, Smarty, Symfony, WordPress, Yii etc. They are included for free for the first 30 days (an additional fee after this period).

Primary, but not a complete list of features and functions of CodeLobster PHP Edition are :

  • Syntax Highlighting for PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML and SQL
  • Auto-Completion for PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML and SQL
  • Context-Sensitive and Dynamic help for PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML and SQL
  • PHP Debugger and Parser
  • Syntax Checking
  • Code Collapsing
  • HTML/CSS inspector
  • Zen Coding support
  • FTP Support
  • DB Management Support and many more...

Try it! If you want to work quickly, efficiently and effectively and grow as a professional webmaster, the IDE CodeLobster PHP Edition can become your perfect choice.

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