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Friday 24 March 2017

Getting started with free npm Orgs

In this post we will be discussing about free npm Orgs. npm Orgs is a tool for organization which was created out of need to make developers life easy. npm Orgs helps you to create an organization scope under which you can have your own namespace for packages. Node Package Manager (npm) is the package manager for Node.js. It is a command line client which interacts with a remote registry that allows developers to install and publish packages.

As we have our npm package published on npm we got a mail from them about the announcement of free npm Orgs :
Hi!  We started npm, Inc. to support the npm Registry’s growth and to reduce developer friction. At close to 450,000 public packages downloaded more than 2 billion times every week, the npm community has built the world’s largest software registry by far — and we’re still working to make it easier to find, share, and reuse great code.  This week, we’re excited to announce that npm Orgs, our collaboration tool for helping teams manage permissions and share their code, is free for all developers of open source packages. You may invite an unlimited number of collaborators to manage an unlimited number of public packages for $0.  We launched Orgs in 2015 for companies that needed to mix public and private code. They wanted an easy way to set permissions for multiple team members and multiple packages. Now, teams who don’t need private packages can use this functionality too.  Why would we give away our most popular product? Making it easier to collaborate on open source projects is good for the whole community, and anything that reduces friction makes it easier for everyone to build amazing things.  Take a look at our Orgs docs to learn how these work, and create a free Org now to supercharge how you collaborate on development projects.
The real benefit benefit of using Orgs is to Organize packages and Organize People efficiently. Using Orgs you can organize the developers working on a package into teams. 

Create an Organisation 

At first you need to setup our account in npm to create an organisation. After that go to Create Organisation page and setup the organisation as shown below :

Note : Please choose the organisation name wisely because it can't be changed afterwords. We are choosing a plan of Unlimited public packages for free but if you want your private package to be included in the organisation you need to choose first option. Next is to create an Organisation which will take you to the next step as shown below :

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Here in the above step you can add the users to the newly created Organisation which you can skip for the time being if you are not ready to add members to your Organisation. Since I have created the Organisation I am automatically assigned the role of Owner and also automatically added to a team called Developers. After that you can continue to the Organisation you will be shown the below screen.

Here we have added a public package to our Organisation i.e. pincode which has a access of Read/Write. You can also add member using the member tab and give them the role Owner, Admin or Member. 

  • Admin can create/delete teams, add/remove member from team and Manage team package access.
  • Owner can do what admin can do along with that he can manage billing, add/remove member, change member's role.
  • Member do not have any management privilege.

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