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Monday 29 May 2017

Top 8 Rules for Effective Software Production - By Toptal

In this post we will be discussing about top 8 rules for effective software production by Toptal. Software Production is an art and only few in this big industries are mastered that art to do it effectively. There are numerous ways and strategies for effective software production and by going through Toptal's Eight Rules for Effective Software Production, I would definitely say that these are the most important one's.

Accourding to Timofey Nevolin, the hard and lengthy way to learn is from observation which takes years and lots of practice. In his Eight Rules for Effective Software Production he explained that how some one can beat the average industry performance by producing reliable software products which would require less maintenance.

The 8 rules are summarized as follows :

1. There are no good ideas or bad ideas when you want to implement it. Always start with something and try to implement it to see that if that works for your team or not.
2. There should be a difference between Software Production (business administration domain) and Development Methodologies (technical details). When you talk about Effective Software Production at a whole, you should not mix both of them.
3. Try to take a note of each and everything during a meeting or in a conversation which will eventually help in summarizing what we eventually need.
4. No two projects are alike and same way the estimation should be done not on the basis of last project done but should be done on project type, environment, resources involved, organization type and all other work aspects influencing the actual project length.
5. Always try to give one task at a time to the developer rather than switching tasks between the developer.
6. Always try to design the software architecture in such a way that it will improve System Design.
7. In a team there should be a better communication between team members and Project Manager should discuss and understand strength and weaknesses of each and every team members.
8. Team members should be encouraged to build expertise and also there should be given a good learning time for each and every task.

These 8 rules are the top rules for effective Software Production which was shared by Timofey Nevolin. But every team is different and there are possibility that some of these tips will be helpful and some not so better try these tips at work to see if they can be worth adopting or not.

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