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Wednesday 13 September 2017

Internet and Programming

Internet has remained the most widely known network globally. Internet programming involves the creation of internet applications. These are client server applications that uses standard internet protocols for connecting the client to the server. Internet applications vary from a true application that is available on the world wide web or create an intranet application. Intranet applications are those that runs on a corporate intranet; it’s only accessible to a number of individuals in a corporation.

Internet applications operate on a thin client thick server module. That is, the client end where the user operates from, is solely responsible for user interface. The client, of course runs the standard tool for accessing the internet; the browser. All the processing is done at the server end.

One is free to make his or her application cross-platform. This is because the applications use the standard internet protocols for communication between the client and server. The programs on the server side are written in Micro Focus COBOL. This allows you to run them on UNIX servers or windows NT. You’ll definitely need to purchase Micro Focus NetExpress to run the application on Windows NT.

On the server end, the program for an internet application communicates with the client through the web server software for the machine. Notably, you can use two interfaces without code changes since the interface between a COBOL program and the web server is transparent to the programmer.

Basically, all applications programmed with server express are built for use with CGI. This, it is advisable to develop and debug applications using CGI. There is an alternative of converting any COBOL CGI program to NSAPI by changing build settings and compilation; generally rebuilding the program. Notwithstanding, NSAPI ought to be thread-enabled to obtain the full advantage of the program.

Considerably, you can also put the interactive code into the form itself. One can achieve this using JavaScript. When you script a form, write JavaScript functions and finally link them to events, you basically create an event handler. For instance, one can write an event handler that verifies that a variable in a particular field lies in a given range when the end user is entering data.

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