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Friday 7 June 2019

Call for Code - Do The Impossible

For one, each day leads to opportunity; a chance to learn something new. Not to mention that technology is a space that is forever evolving, so that opportunity to do something earth-shattering might be just around the corner.

If you’re a coder - or coder-in-training - you’re well on your way to putting yourself in position to seize such opportunity. And to quote Walt Disney, “It’s fun to do the impossible.” So, let’s join hands with IBM CALL FOR CODE 2019 Global Challenge and change the world with our coding.


The Call for Code 2019 Global Challenge is a worldwide developer competition that seeks technology solutions for natural disaster preparedness, response, and recovery. It is supported by the IBM Code and Response™ initiative, a multi-year program dedicated to creating and deploying open source technologies to tackle the world's biggest challenges.

Started by David Clark Cause and IBM has committed its association for 5 years. David Clark Cause Launched Call for Code in 2018 alongside Founding Partner IBM. This multi-year global initiative is a rallying cry to developers to use their skills and mastery of the latest technologies, and to create new ones, to drive positive and long-lasting change across the world with their code. The second annual Call for Code Challenge theme is natural disaster preparedness and relief in the context of community health and well-being.


As more and more people around the world are affected by these calamities, the need for new approaches toward disaster prevention and response is greater than ever. Today, technology can play a major role in reducing the impact of these incidents. Call for Code has brought together software developers from all over the globe to create innovative. To show the world that developers have the power to save lives in times of natural disaster.Reach out to developers across the world and align them to develop solution/application to mitigate the impact of natural disasters.


Teams are created at the discretion of individual participants with a team being no more than five individuals. Options to find other team members are available through the IBM Coder community.
Submission name- The name for the solution or team in five words or less.

  • Short description- Describe the team’s solution in 10 words or less.
  • Long description- Describe the solution in more detail. Give a more detailed description of what you’re building, what problem will it solve, and why it matters in less than 500 words.
  • Solution roadmap- How mature is the submission and where do you intend to take it from here?
  • Link to a three-minute demo video- Record a demo of your project, upload it to YouTube or Vimeo and share the URL.
  • List of IBM Cloud Services or IBM Systems used in the solution- Join the Challenge Community to get an IBM Cloud account.
  • Email addresses of up to four additional team members. Each will need to accept the Participation Agreement. An individual can only be part of one team of up to 5 members, and one team can only submit one application.

The team leader who submitted the solution will receive an email confirming the submission details. If a team needs to update or replace the submission, please create a new submission. The latest submission from the submitter email address before the July 29, 2019 deadline will be considered the final entry.


There will be one winning team which will receive 1.4 Crores INR ( 200,000 USD) as a cash prize and will be invited to the global announcement program along with support from the Linux Foundation, mentorship, investment, and implementation support.

The first and the second runners up will receive around 17.5 lacs INR ($25,00 USD) as a cash prize, invitation to the global event and support from Linux Foundation.

The third and the fourth runners up will receive 7 lacs INR in cash prize along with an invitation to the global event and support from Linux Foundation.

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