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Friday 11 June 2021

Few Popular Boilerplates to set up Projects faster

In this fast-paced world, when we have to do so much and have limited time, we do not have to write our project from scratch and thus use boilerplates and starter kits to set up the projects faster. 

Along with that whenever we have to start with scratch we have to think about designing the architecture of the application, security, performance etc. Thus these boilerplates help us in a way that the above things are already done for us and thus we need to add the business logic to get up and running with the application.


Asp.Net - I have used ASP.NET Boilerplate to get started with LetsDisc. ASP.NET Boilerplate is based on a domain-driven design that provides strong infrastructure. It has features like layered architecture, designer as modular and is extensible, it provides multi-tenancy, supports domain driven design. Startup templates help to get started with an Angular single page application or MVC architecture.

ASP.NET Core Hero Boilerplate - This I have not really used in any of my projects but looks promising. It works to bring together the best and essential practices of ASP.NET Core 5.0 and clean Hexagonal architecture. It enables you to run a single line of CLI on the console to get the complete implementation. The template includes both WebAPI and MVC and thus a perfect starting point for your application.


React is one of the popular javascript libraries to create modern UI. There are several community-created boilerplates out there and thus you have the option to choose from them. Some of them are :

React Boilerplate - This boilerplate is highly scalable, an offline-first foundation created using best practices and have features like quick scaffolding, best developer experience, predictable state management, etc.

React Starter kit - This is again one of the popular react boilerplate which has features like server-side rendering, hot module replacement, pre-configured CSS-in-JS, code quality with ESLint and VSCode code snippets etc.


Vue Enterprise Boilerplate - Vue enterprise boilerplate is one of the popular Vue.js boilerplates. It has features like good documentation, consistency in code, test-driven development and helps you to get up to speed with your development.

Full Frontend Boilerplates

Mean -The mean is the starting point for creating full cloud-native full-stack javascript applications and thus it gives you a starting point to create a full-stack project in seconds.

Simple React Full Stack - This is a simple full-stack boilerplate for React application with Node.js and express. 

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