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Up and Running With Node.js

List of Best Node.js Tutorials

Node.js is an open source, cross-platform run-time environment for creating server-side web applications. The primary thought of Node.js is to use non-blocking, event-driven I/O to stay lightweight and efficient to build real-time applications which will run across distributed devices.

Node.js utilizes v8 javascript engine which is a similar engine used by Chrome browser. It is event driven and has non-blocking standard libraries which implies if you are doing any I/O bound operations, it will happen asynchronously. Node.js is not a framework neither it is a programming language, it is just a run time environment for developing server-side web applications. You can utilize Node.js for making I/O bound applications, information spilling applications, single page applications and so on, however it is not advisable to use Node.js for CPU intensive applications.

To get Up and Running with Node.js we have listed down some of the best tutorials on Node.js

1. Getting Started with Node Package Manager : Node Package Manager (npm) is the package manager for Node.js. It is a command line client which interacts with a remote registry that allows developers to install and publish packages.

2. Create your First Application in Node.js : Both http and https module are the built-in modules which are shipped together with Node.js. We will be using this in built http module to create our first Node.js Server.

3. Create TCP Server in Nodejs : Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) server can be created with the help of Net module in Node.js. It differs from the HTTP server in the way that rather than passing a requestListener, the TCP listens for incoming connections in an instance of socket.

4. How to handle File Systems in Node.js : Node.js installation comes with the file system module fs. fs provides a wrapper around standard POSIX functions. Compare to other languages, Node.js comes with minimum amount of bindings to provide full functionality of file system.

5. What is Promise in context of Node.js : Promise is an object returned by asynchronous function which represents the result of the operation. The best part of using Promise is that it provides an alternative to raw callbacks when dealing with asynchronous code. 

6. How to get list of files in a directory in Nodejs : Here we have shown you how to get list of all the files and directories inside a directory using Node.js file system module.

7. Alter File Permissions in Nodejs : Here we have shown you how to alter file permission Node.js file system module.

8. How to parse URL's in Nodejs : Node.js comes with the URL module which you can use to parse the URL's.

9. How to encode a string to base64 in NodeJS : In NodeJS encoding a string to base64 or hex is very easy with the help of Buffers.

10. How to monitor a file for modifications in Node.js : For monitoring a file for modification  fs module in node.js has given us two option fs.watchFile and fs.watch

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