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Thursday 20 August 2015

Open Graph for Node.js

In this post we are going to discuss about a module called open-graph in Node.js. The Open Graph protocol is a protocol which is used to integrate any web page into the social graph. Facebook has introduced Open Graph in 2010. Open Graph in Facebook promotes integration between Facebook and other websites by allowing them to become rich "graph" objects with the same functionality as other Facebook objects.

You will get to know more about Open Graph Protocol in http://ogp.me/. The basic metadata which is required by your webpage into graph objects are og:title, og:type, og:image and og:url.

A module open-graph is an implementation of Open Graph for Nodejs. You need to provide a URL and it will give you the open graph meta properties scraped from that URL.

How to Install

npm install open-graph


var ograph = require('open-graph');
ograph("http://ogp.me/", function(err, result) {

Result :

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