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Friday 21 August 2015

Platforms to create Realtime Applications

In this post we are going to discuss about the platforms where you can create real-time applications. Real Time Applications (RTA) is an application program that functions within a time frame that a user senses as immediate or current. Real Time applications will be quick, fun filled and exciting if you take help of right tools and platforms.

Here we are going to discuss about 5 such platforms and they are : Syncano, Deployd, PubNub, Firebase, Pusher

1. Syncano : The tag line of Syncano is "Turning Developers into superstars". You can build real time synchronized applications using Syncano. You can easily send and receive data between users without delay with just few lines of code with Syncano. You can store, manage and synchronize your data anywhere, anytime and in any form using Syncano.
PC : http://www.syncano.com/

2. Deployd : It is an open source platform to design and build the APIs for web and mobile apps. It is a tool that makes building APIs simple by providing important ready made functionality out of the box that meets the demand of complex applications.

PC : http://deployd.com/

3. PubNub :  It provides the real-time dashboards which have live updating charts, graphs, tables and maps for IoT, web and mobile.You can have PubNub's publish or subscribe API for your data streams and plug in to your favorite interactive UI to get the results.

PC : https://www.pubnub.com/

4. Firebase :  Firebase can power your app's back-end, including data storage, user authentication and static hosting. It can be used for any device. You can build cross-platform native mobile and web apps with their Android, iOS and JavaScript SDKs.

PC : https://www.firebase.com/

5. Pusher :  It claim to have everything which you need to build scalable real time apps like flexible pub/sub messaging, live user lists and access control or notifications.

PC: https://pusher.com/

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