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Saturday 26 September 2015

Ionic Project Structure in Visual Studio

In this post we will be going through the Ionic Project Structure in Visual Studio. In our previous post we have discussed How Apache Cordova is connected to Ionic Framework, where we have learnt that the Ionic sits inside the Cordova Application and Apache Cordova is the bridge between Ionic Framework and Mobile OS.

You should see the following folder structure when you open a new Ionic Project in Visual Studio.

Lets have a quick explanation of all each of the above items :

merges : It consists of scripts related to the Mobile OS (Android, Windows) as shown below.

plugins : This folder consists of all the plugins (like camera plugin, push notification plugin etc) added to the project.

res : This folder contains the Icons, screens etc related to Android, iOS, Windows and WP8 as shown below.

www : This folder contains the Ionic Code. Anything you write inside this folder is intended to land inside the web view. It consists of folders like css (where you will write all the css), img (any images for your app), js (actual js code goes here) and template (template for Ionic Apps) as shown below. The index.html is the application startup file.

config.xml : This file consists of all the meta information like platforms, plugins, etc. which is actually needed by Cordova to convert your ionic app to a platform specific (Windows, iOS and Android) installer. We will be covering about config.xml is our next post.

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