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Thursday 24 September 2015

RealTime Chat written in Node.js

In this post we are going to discuss about jquery-chat (JqChat), a chat written in Node.js. JqChat is a jQuery plugin for instant messaging like facebook/gmail chat. JqChat is entirely made with JavaScript (Jquery UI and Node.js).

The main components of jquery-chat are Jquery UI, Node.js and Socket.IO. The JqChat plugin can be used to add a Javascript based chatting system to your site, allows webmasters/developers to add a fully-working chat room on top of the site. JqChat is written by Ezequiel Lovelle

The features of JqChat includes

Multi themes supprot (jquery-ui)
100% JavaScript (Client and Server Side)
Configuration file (fancy things and connecting stuff)
Support multiple languages
New message pop-up notifications
Multi users chat
Search users
Browser Support (Opera, Firfox, Chrome, Safari and IE).

How to Install

1. Clone the project (https://github.com/lovelle/jquery-chat)
2. Configure JqChat

3. Install and run Node.js Server

4. Run JqChat

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  1. Seems like a cool project, just starred ;)